Family, Estate & Business Planning

Through our planning process, we work as your advocate with existing and new professional relationships to be the driving force that facilitates the execution of your vision in a private, transparent, fully aligned approach. We contribute our expertise in financial aspects so that you can focus on your expertise in the field that has made you successful.

Understanding of Current Family & Wealth Dynamics

  • Develop an understanding of your wealth, family, and legacy dynamics in order to create a path forward:
    • Discuss, Discover, and Outline a myriad of goals, objectives, and visions
  • Create and Document a Mission Statement, Vision, and Strategy for each:
    • Personal
    • Business
    • Family
    • Legacy

Identify Areas of Need & Opportunities for Efficiencies to Create a Customized Family Office

Depending on your specific situation, your customized Family Office may include the following topics:

  • Family, Personal, or Business Governance
    • Data/Documentation retention, organization, and retrieval
    • Consolidated/Comprehensive Reporting
    • Tax Return Package Preparation
    • Bill Payment
    • Liquidity Management
    • Personal Financial Statement (Balance Sheet) Preparation and Maintenance
    • Lifestyle and Concierge Services
  • Asset and Risk Management
    • Fraud Detection/Accountability
    • Debt Structure and Analysis – Financing Activities
    • Insurance Coordination and Centralization
    • Real Estate Portfolio management
    • Non-traditional Investment evaluation
  • Education and Strategy
    • Cash Management
    • Estate and Wealth Transfer Coordination
    • Family and Outside Interest Meeting planning and attendance
  • Long Term and Legacy Planning
    • Lifestyle Management
    • Estate Planning
    • Philanthropic Planning
    • Comprehensive Coordination of Professional Services
    • Consolidated/Comprehensive Reporting

Whether your plan is heavily focused on family governance, philanthropic planning, or day-to-day functions, the scope of each plan will be clearly defined to create identifiable objectives.

Implement & Execute Your Plan

  • From your plan ACMG Family Office will bring structure and accountability to each area of responsibility:
    • Create Personal Calendar for recurring activities
    • Develop Timeline and Deliverables for near-term objectives
    • Prioritize long-term goals

Periodic Reviews, Progress Checks, & Assessments at All Levels

  • All services provided by ACMG Family Office will include definable benchmarks and/or objectives in order to provide meaningful assessment of continual progress towards achievement:
    • Continual and regular progress checks and assessments will be built in to your plan
    • Each assessment will provide an opportunity to evaluate our effectiveness and if necessary refocus efforts
    • Always striving towards continual improvement and achievement

Highly Customizable

Every family or business owner is different, so every plan and relationship will be arranged differently. But every client will realize the many benefits of the family office that have lead them to become so successful:

  • Protection of Information:
    • High level of privacy and confidentiality
    • Third party accountability of all professional services
  • Efficiencies from:
    • Expertise leveraging
    • Centralization of Lifestyle and Financial Services
    • Alignment of Interest between family members as well as various existing advisors
  • Transparency from:
    • Objective Advice from a partner that truly holds your interests at the center of everything

Each client’s path will be very different, focusing more intensely on certain areas than others, but each will follow four stages on the path towards achievement and continual improvement.

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