Retirement Plans

Alpha Capital Management Group utilizes our experience and industry insight to tailor retirement plans to our clients’ specific needs.  We help you with fiduciary guidance, plan design, employee education, regulatory changes and administrative support.  Our mission is to provide every participant with the tools they need to achieve their financial goals.  We believe being available to every participant individually is essential to making your company’s retirement plan successful.

Compare your plan’s expenses to industry norms through a full comprehensive analysis. Provide an easy-to-understand analysis of the health & performance of your 401k plan.
  • Benchmarking leads to more cost-effective plans, increased participation rates, higher employee satisfaction and better outcomes for your employees’ retirement
  • Breakdown of Average Plan Cost Per Participant by Provider
  • Total Plan Cost as a Percentage of Assets
  • Range of Investment Costs
Conduct Comprehensive Evaluation of All Current Providers
  • Record Keeper
  • Third Party Administrator
  • Advisor
  • Fee Negotiation with Current Providers
  • If Necessary, Conduct Formal RFP Process to Select New High Value Provider(s)
Investment Due Diligence
  • Fiduciary Monitoring Reports
  • 12-point Evaluation Criteria
  • Performance Reporting
  • Investment Share Class Review
  • Qualified Default Investment Alternative Selection (QDIA)
  • Design Optimal Investment Lineup
  • Mix of Active & Passive Funds
  • Fee Negotiation
  • Custom Asset Allocation Models
Is your current 401(k) Advisor available to meet with every participant? We are!
  • Hands-on advisor team available to help plan participants make the most of their retirement plans
  • On-going participant education meetings (English & Spanish)
  • On-site Enrollment Meetings (English & Spanish)
  • Assistance with rollover processing, loans and distributions
  • Individualized investment advice
  • Quarterly participant statements
  • Customized Education Program
  • Educational Seminars
  • Educational Flyers
  • Educational Videos
  • Quarterly Newsletters
  • Quarterly Asset Allocation Guides
  • Quarterly Investment Review
  • Fiduciary Monitoring Reports
  • 12-point Evaluation Criteria
  • Performance Reporting
  • Investment Policy Statement Assistance & Monitoring
  • Investment Research & Selection
  • Fund Change Assistance with Provider
  • Continuous Benchmarking
  • Record Keeping
  • Third Party Administrator
  • Advisor
  • Fund Line-up Optimization
  • Quarterly Plan Review
  • Participation rates
  • Contributions rates
  • Investment Allocation
  • Distributions & Loans
  • Meeting Minutes & Documentation